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New pose modifiers are finally for sale at Label Motion main store! (◍´◡`◍) The new mods have been specially done to hold objects in different ways. Here is the vendor pic for you to see what’s new, and if you scroll down the page you will see more pose modifiers, each one of them created for different purposes. I love receiving suggestions, so if you would like me to create a different pack of modifiers, please contact me via notecard. I hope you enjoy this new pack! Hugs for you all (๑ˇεˇ๑) Teleport to Label Motion HERE

{Thanks to the Label Motion Pose Modifiers you can now take more advantage of your animations. Now you can hold a bag or anything the way you want, your arms or hands won’t be inside your clothes anymore, your legs no longer deform the skirt you are wearing… And much more! They are very easy to use. *STEP 1: Animate your avatar with the pose you want to use. *STEP 2: Add the pose (or poses) modifier to change your animation}

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Holding#3 NEW!




Head & Legs