Hi again! (::^ω^::) There is a new release available at Label Motion main store. This time it’s about a pose-prop pack called Baguettes. It includes 6 static poses, pose-hud, pose stand and a… Continue reading


Hello my lovely friends (◍´◡`◍) There is a new release at Label Motion, a pose-prop pack which I hope you like! It includes 6 static poses, pose-hud, pose-stand & 6 different christmas beverages. This… Continue reading


Hello my dear friends, hope you are doing great! (・ε・`) Here is my new blog post, mixing white, black & brown. I hope you like! Christmas is coming, and I can feel it… Continue reading


Hello to all my dear readers! (๑•̆૩•̆) I have been working on a post with several outfits because lately I hardly have time to work on my blog, so I thought it was a… Continue reading


Hello my dear friends! There is a dollarbie HUNT at Label Motion main store! Look for the 20 small blue boxes around the store ( *’ω’* ) The hunt finishes on November 13. HAPPY… Continue reading


Happy Sunday to you all my dear readers! I hope you like today’s post (◍´◡`◍) I’m so happy because I’ve been nominated for the Avi Choice Awards 2016! If you want to vote for… Continue reading


Hello my dear readers (・ω・) First of all I want to say that I wish I could make more blog posts, but due to my RL work I don’t have much free time.… Continue reading


Hello all (´ε` )♡ Two new releases available now at Shiny Shabby with a discounted price! I hope you like them🙂 Click HERE to teleport to Shiny Shabby Click HERE to learn more… Continue reading

Label Motion✿Subscriber Gift

Hello everyone (◍´◡`◍) There is a new Subscriber Gift available at Label Motion! I hope you like  Thank you so much for being subscribed into the database! And if you aren’t subscribed yet…… Continue reading